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Friday Night Beer Fight

A Web Series broadcast on YouTube Channel
"Friday Night Beer Fight"

Episode 1 Broadcast Premier January 22, 2016
with a new episode posted each Friday for ten weeks

In each episode Rob Richnavsky and Carolyn Paine will compare two beers, one from a Connecticut brewery
and one from another brewery. They will introduce you to a good craft beer you can spend some quality
time with over the weekend.

Visit the website for Friday Night Beer Fight

View Episodes on YouTube


A Christmas Village Story

Documentary on Christmas Village
of Torrington, CT (1947-Today)

Premiered December 2014 at the Warner Theater in Torrington, CT
Historical Documentary

Produced with the Torrington Historical Society

Illustration by and courtesy of Marilyn Davis Hardy

Purchase The DVD from Torrington Historical Society


Pursuit of Precision

Documentary on the Hendy Machine Company
(1870-1954) of Torrington, CT

Awarded 2004 Gold Aurora Award for
Historical Documentary

Broadcast Premiere
Connecticut Public Television in January, 2005

Read More About Pursuit of Precision

Purchase The DVD from Torrington Historical Society