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The Patriot Thief

Trust No One

Lorenzo the Magnificent

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All scripts written and copyrighted by John Long

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The Patriot Thief
In 1912 the Mona Lisa was stolen from the Louvre Museum. In 1914 Vincenzo Perugia, who had worked at the Louvre, brought the painting to the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy. He was arrested despite his claim he was a patriot returning stolen property to Italy. He also told contradictory stories about those two years. Here's the real story, funny as it may be.
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Trust No One
Harry Coatello is a NYPD detective who's very good at a violent job but doesn't like his life. He wants to be a stand-up comic. Trouble is, he's not funny. When he stumbles on possible police corruption, he has to be deadly serious.
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A Man of Action
Peter Jensen's wife is raped and murdered in their country home in a quiet New England town. Was it a listener to her radio talk show? Peter constantly hears her voice but he can't understand what she's saying. He knows she's trying to tell him who killed her and decides he has to get revenge.
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Lorenzo The Magnificent
(Script in progress)
Lorenzo de Medici inherited his position as the undisputed leader of Florence while he continued to be a poet of the Italian Renaissance. Lorenzo could be cruel to his political and business opponents while also supporting the genius of Leonardo da Vinci. A story about contradictions for a young man forced to be a ruler.